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Bucket Seat Cover Installations 

STEP 1:  Place the backrest cover over the top of the backrest and pull down firmly. STEP 2:  Insert the inner flap of the seatcover between the seats backrest and lower seat making sure you pull the elastic and metal hooks fully through. STEP 3:  Pull the bottom of the seat over over the seat firmly and attach seat hooks to the inner flap hooks under the seat. Adjust the seat cover for perfect fit.


Multi-Piece Seat Cover Installations 

STEP 1: Slip the cover over the seatback. Pull the seat cover over the headrests or remove the headrests  if desired. Pull over armrests if armrests are present or remove armrests if necessary. Pull all points as your seat cover may fit tightly. STEP 2: Pull the seat cover over the seat cushion. Pull seat belt buckles through pre-sewn seat belt holes (if present). Push elastic straps through crack where seat-cushion and backrest meet. Reach behind seat and pull straps through the backrest (This applies to most seat styles, but not all) STEP 3: Attach the elastic straps. Put the "S" hooks in the loops of the elastic straps and pull all straps down under the seat bottom and attach to spring webbing or any other attachment points. Be careful not to attach straps to moving parts especially on power seat mechanisms. If this is for your rear seat cover installations, it is best to remove your rear seats before the seat covers are installed.


Seats with Armrests

Side or center armrests should have precut openings in the seat cover. If no openings are present you may be able to remove a side armrest by prying off a cap to get to the screw heads or twisting the side armrest to a certain position and then pulling out. An opening would then have to be cut in the seat cover and the side armrest reattached after the seat cover is installed.


Seats with Headrests 

If you do not want to remove our headrests you have the option of ordering your Hawaiian seat covers with elastic headrest openings to pull around your headrest. Note that some headrests CANNOT be removed while some come out easily by just pulling up or pressing push-button release mechanisms next to headrest posts. If you want to remove your headrests, the following tips may help. Some require a slim punch to push on a release pin in the post bearing (GM vehicles). Others may have a bolt behind the seat holding the headrest  post to release a spring "catch" and others may have a button on the seat back underneath the fabric that must be pressed while pulling up on the headrest.
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